Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex SpanielsHellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Our field springer breeding foundation began with Maia, a very strong and beautiful, Canadian bred bitch, with an incredible pedigree and practically zero faults. Since then, we have been very fortunate as the gun dogs we enjoy shooting over, have  produced a  National Open Guns Award Winner,  a #1 US High Point Puppy, several #1 Interclub High Point Puppies, two ESSFTA Versatile Springer Awards, and a second place at a National Amateur Field Championship. 

We have been members of the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association since 1998.  Significant Field Champions, national award winners, and well over 30 Master Hunters have been bred by us.  As dedicated stewards of  this talented and versatile breed, we place importance on maintaining the intense hunting instincts we love to shoot over and the biddable, easy to train temperaments we love to live with. We are very proud that Hellfire gun dogs compete in  the field as well as companion dog events like obedience, agility and tracking. In addition to field accomplishments, Hellfire field springers have also won Obedience High in Trial, Rally High Combined, and Versatile Companion Dog awards. We especially love a versatile field springer that is smart, sound, and trainable enough to do it all!

We occasionally have a litter of PUPPIES, and will post a youngster for sale or an adoptable adult   HERE. 

Special Dogs


Abitt of Hellfire MH

Hellfire's foundation bitch. Maia was perfect! Dam of multiple field champions and many master hunters, including FC AFC CFC Hellfires Fast Track MH CD MX AXJ VS


Hellfire Gundogs - Hellfires Coldplay SH WDX RAE UD GO VER  NJP TKP

Ice was my first serious obedience dog. He was a multiple High in Trial (HIT) winner and earned several ESSFTA versatility awards. He was also a lovely dog to shoot over. 


FC AFC CFC Abitts Highlander Lord MH RE VCD1 OAJ OAP WDX VS

Outstanding gundog who earned earned a coveted ESSFTA Versatile Springer award. Many offspring continue his legacy in the field and in a variety of performance venues.

Cheetah MH WDX

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Cheetah was my most beloved springer EVER - I adored her. She had the quickest, hardest flush I've ever seen on any springer. She even trapped a few wild birds on the ground.  Her marking was impressive. I miss her every day. 



Ruby Roobster was a full sibling to FC AFC CFC Hellfires Fast Track MH CD AXJ MX VS, (Maia MH X FC AFC Chaps) and lived up to Hellfire affix in every way. She was a tireless worker, off the chart drive, super pretty, tough as nails.


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Cate is co-owned with Jim Klix  and lives in MA.  She is out of FC AFC MH Mickey X Mia (FC AFC CFC MH Toby X Maia MH) - she is a Canadian FTW, and  just needs a couple of points and a US win to finish off  her Field Championships.