Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Abitt of Hellfire MH

Bred by Mr Manfred Huelbusch, and imported from Canada, Maia was blessed with an eye popping pedigree going back to 2X NAFC NFC CNFC Saighton's Scud more than ten times. She was a large female, 55 pounds and a bush busting powerhouse who was honest to the core. She  never wore an e-collar a day in her life. 

Maia was my third Master Hunter, and the first I ever bred under the Hellfire kennel name. As a breeding bitch she is irreplaceable and provided our kennel with an amazing foundation of healthy, nice looking, talented dogs with very few faults. Her outstanding marking, great legs, size, lots of run, lethal bird finding noses, and the excellent, eager to please spaniel temperaments are all qualities to be especially proud of.  

"Big Momma" will always represent the  standard for which Hellfire strives.