Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Hellfire field springer puppies are purpose bred out of  high quality sires and dams that demonstrate strong working ability on land and water. Our breeding prime directive is to always strive for biddable temperaments, heat seeking missile noses, soft mouths with retrieving and marking excellence.  

We have been successfully breeding over the same line of dogs for 20 years. Five generations of our dogs have OFA joint, eye, heart and DNA clearances. Our puppies are enriched and socialized with science based canine development methods, and are selectively placed with people who appreciate our hard work raising their next family member.

We usually have two litters a year. The majority of Hellfire puppies are placed with repeat owners as well bred hunting companions and active lifestyle family dogs.  

(Note: Speck is being bred now - we might have puppies in late August.)

Our girls


Hellfire Gundogs, Hellfire springer spaniels, field bred english springer spaniels

I only keep nice bitches, and  Speck is a beautifully bred half sister to FTW Cate SH, via FC AFC MH Mickey. She is an incredible athlete with superior stamina.


Hellfire springer spaniels, Hellfire gundogs, field bred english springer spaniels

Joules is a lovely, high drive and athletic daughter out of Tina and FC AFTW Macks. She is beautiful, smart, naturally retrieves to hand, and has great legs built for running.