Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex SpanielsHellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

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We prefer that you pick up your puppy in person, but we will ship to some locations, for some people, during certain times of the year. We can use United, Alaska Air and sometimes Delta out of Montana's larger cities.  We will not ship to companion homes south of Colorado, but we will always offer shipping options to competition homes, ESSFTA members, and of course, people we personally know or have purchased a puppy from us before. We use a flat rate that varies between $500 - $650 depending on what airline we use - it includes shipping fee, crate/bedding/water cups, health certificate and all misc. travel costs.



All Hellfire hunting companion and pet puppies, both ESS and Sussex, are sold with AKC Limited Registration and a non-breeding purchase agreement/warranty.  

We do not give breeding options on companion dogs and they are expected to be spayed/neutered by age 2 years old. 

All field performance and conformation breeding prospects,  are co-owned with us, no exceptions.  Our warranty for both breeds is for 4 years. 



If you have never purchased a puppy from us before, a screening questionnaire/puppy application is required to be filled out in order to be considered for a litter list.  We ask questions about your work, ages of your human and pet family,  and housing/fencing situation. We want to make sure we are the right breeder for you, and that you will provide one of our puppies with the best and safest home we can find.  We give preference to people that have purchased a puppy from us before and people who compete in AKC sports. 




We accept a limited number of $200 deposits (usually just 4 per litter) when we confirm a pregnancy and a "wait and see list" for everyone beyond that. Deposits are sometimes transferable to another litter, and are always refundable in the event there are not enough puppies, or as we deem necessary. We do not accept deposits for Sussex puppies...they are just too complicated to breed.

Puppies and all related expenses are to be paid in full 10 days prior to departure. 



We use well established science based puppy rearing, enrichment and socialization methods. Our puppies are matched to families, not "picked" through pictures. We begin temperament testing at week 4, and placement matching is based on a process done over an observation period of weeks. We have been breeding a long time, your input certainly matters to us, we want you to love your puppy, but ultimately the breeder knows best. 

Our puppies are released at week 9-10 weeks old, when they are the most developmentally ready to leave. 



Our springer puppies are in the $1500- $1800 range, depending on the sire we use and if we fly out a bitch to be bred.  Prices are the same for males and females.  Special breedings with irreplaceable frozen semen, or National Champions, will drive up our normal prices into the $1800-$2000 range.  Welcome to the 21st Century.

Note:  Our puppies are entirely home raised. They are born on soft clean bedding in our whelping room, and they are not raised in a kennel or on sawdust or straw! They start using a doggy door to go outside and potty around 4.5 weeks old, and have full time access to their own very large private yard.



My home is a private residence, not a dog breeding business with open doors or formal operating hours!!!! I work for a large energy company, endure a demanding, full time job (working mostly from home) that sometimes requires out of country travel; I also have a busy doggy competition/travel schedule during certain times of the year.  Visits are scheduled around my convenience. We do not allow spur of the moment drop ins, and I absolutely do not allow visitors  who have not filled out a puppy application. Sorry, it's not being rude or evasive, it's being cautious and smart. 



Our puppy tails are docked to proper FIELD length, which means at least 2/3 of the tail is left on.  Strong front dew claws are left on both our ESS and Sussex puppies (UK and Euro style), rear dew claws are always removed to prevent tearing. Science has shown front dews strengthen the leg and prevent foot and wrist arthritis as a dog ages, and aid in running and turning...they actually use them!



Sussex Spaniels are a rare breed riddled with many reproductive challenges. They are bred through AI's, whelp with C-Sections, can have a high neonatal mortality rate and stay with me much longer than the springer puppies.  We only breed finished champions that are fully health screened, and our puppies are socialized and enriched using Puppy Culture techniques, the same way our springers are.  Our puppy prices vary between $2800-$3000. All of our parents and puppies have their eyes, hearts and ears screened by SPECIALISTS.  A puppy application is required before one is considered for our litter list.  We have a page just for Sussex information to read prior to contacting us.  


Starting in 2020

We have enrolled in the Trupanion Breeder program  which covers puppies before they leave, and I will be requiring my puppy owners to carry on with pet insurance as part of the buyer responsibilities section of the 4 year warranty - there should be no excuse to take your dog to the vet!  Having a gun dog breed is different than having a non-hunting pet. They are active, curious and what they do (seek and find prey while running) is inherently dangerous. Injuries are not "unlucky" or breeder related, they are part of the game and many can be avoided if people would just let puppies grow up a bit more before pushing them into running and jumping too soon.   Cost per pet can vary but generally it's around $45/month for a 90% coverage policy  - if that is too much, then you just can't have one of my puppies.  There is NO pet insurance kick back or financial benefit to me other than the peace of mind that my puppies have a pack leader who takes their health and wellness as seriously as I do.  

Hellfire field bred english springer spaniels

Hellfire field bred english springer spaniels


The grain free trend is over.  Hellfire puppies are not to be fed grain free foods, especially Taste of the Wild, Zignature and Acana.  The FDA has issued three warnings showing the relationship between certain dog food brands and canine heart disease. 

Reading Resources:


The 16 brands the FDA has listed for causing heart disease in dogs: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/29/us/dog-food-heart-disease-fda.html 

NOTE: Hellfire puppies and adult dogs are fed all life stages food called Victor High Pro Plus Active Dogs and Puppies. Both Victor and Taste of the Wild (new!) have formulas with gluten free "ancient grains" like sorghum and millet. Until research pinpoints the root cause of the grain free issue, it's best to avoid all grain free foods, period.