Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

Hellfire in black and white

Pod is a 4th generation Hellfire male from the 2018 Sully X Cate litter and was named as a wee pup, after a character in a black and white spaghetti western - it just sort of stuck! He is the gentleman  cowboy wearing the white hat, not the bad guy wearing the black hat. He is very polite and sweet!

Physically, this boy  is gorgeous - he is quite leggy,  HIGH DRIVE,  a really nice retriever, but super calm and level headed. Pod is a FULLTIME house dog with perfect manners and a great off switch.  He is not a hyper or flighty dog. I rarely allow intact male springers in my house but this one sleeps on the bed. 

Because we plan on using him with a couple of our girls into the future, Pod is fully health screened from head to tail. His hip prelim looked EXCELLENT, he has CAER normal eyes, OFA normal heart via specialist, DCM normal, and we did the full springer DNA panel on him -PFK/FUCO/PRA/DM etc. He's perfect!