Hellfire Working Springers & Sussex Spaniels

FTW Hellfires Fling in Decatur SH "Cate"

Cate got her name because the breeding between her parents took place in backwoods Decatur, Texas on the way to a field trial!

I co-own Cate with a friend from Massachusetts who also owns Pepper, Hellfire Painted Black  MH - a  Toby X Navy daughter.  Cate is both hunt testing and field trialling - showing success in both.  Cate is a Canadian Field Trial winner, has US Open and Amateur placements, and  just needs a win to seal up her  AFC. She is also Jim's gundog and hunts upland and even elusive woodcock.

In 2018, Cate had 11 puppies with FC AFC CFC Narvins Sully of Ivanhoe (NFC NAFC CNFC CNAFC Tanner X CNFC Lady Caramel)  - Jim and I both kept males from this excellent breeding. Not sure what her future breeding plans are.